The Suarez Bite Meme: A World Cup Biting Incident


After the grotesque biting act of Luis Suarez during the match between Uruguay and Italy the collective mobilization of the internet meme culture did some sort of comedic justice to an action that was not even judged by the referee during at the soccer field. An explosion of memes appeared shortly after Suarez bit Italian defense player Giorgio Chiellini. Images captured from the video and from other pictures of Suarez were remixed with several topics of popular culture such as vampires, cannibals, jaws, sharks, and even Italian food, and circulated through the social media. The Suarez bite spread rapidly and globally as fans actively engaged in a conversation about the madness of such incident as well as about the bites that Suarez has done in the past while playing for the Liverpool in England. Two days after the vulgar incident, the FIFA has decided to suspend Suarez 4 months from the soccer fields. Using video evidence, the FIFA found Suarez guilty of a violent and unfair action and he wont be able to play more matches at the World Cup. Below are some samples of the #suarezbitememe.










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