Colombian Dances: Goal Celebrations at the World Cup

pablo-armero-gol-baile The yellow fever is spreading through Brazil in the form of Colombian fans, dances, and goals. Not only are the tribunes colored by the yellow Colombian t-shirts, but the fields are also being cultivated with the goals of the Colombian national soccer team. After 16 years of absence, la selección (the national team) has come back to the World Cup and its performance is quite outstanding. This team, coached by a foreigner, the Argentinian Nestor Pekerman, is winning matches and moving forward. Compared to previous teams, this one looks more professional and organized, and it has a sense of collectivity and cooperation that previous Colombian teams didn´t have. Furthermore, the players of the team are celebrating their goals in quite playful and carnavalesque ways, doing dances and moves that show the happiness and joyful that are part of Colombian popular culture, music, and folklore. In this post I would like to share the animated GIFs of three of the amazing goal celebrations they have danced after some of their goals against Greece (3-0) and Ivory Coast (2-1).



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