Broken Magnetic Fields and Dueling Disarrays

After exiting the repair yard of the spaceport we noticed an eerie magnetic activity. The pull of gravity diminished and left us floating effortlessly above a canal. Buoyed up by unseen forces, our movements were guided by the gentle push and pull of a broken gravitational field. Bioluminescent organisms drifted through the air while a current of volatile amino acids covered the banks. A bridge-like structure emerged from the ionized mist. In front of us, a historical marker spiraled upward. 

This plaque commemorates a tragic event that unfolded on this site on the second day of the 4063 cycle, marking a somber chapter in the history of planet GJ51.

Here, amidst the backdrop of floating banana peels, two professional pilots, Ana and Rachel, engaged in a fateful duel of honor. Bound by the rigid codes of a pirate space era, and accused of interstellar microorganism smuggling, they met at dawn to settle a dispute that had escalated beyond reconciliation.

According to historians the port authority tossed a coin to solve the conflict. However, the coin never fell, it remained suspended in the air as if caught in a moment of eternal indecision.  

Ana and Rachel waited at each side of the bridge wearing space armors until their weapons backfired due to a magnetic field variation. Beams of subatomic particles struck their heads and swiftly disintegrated their bodies leaving no trace behind, except for the shadows of their tails, which persist engraved and luminescent on the rocky deck.

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