I am a researcher, designer, and educator living in Bogota, Colombia, and working at the intersection of youth, technology,  learning, and media ecosystems. I recently joined the Department of Communication at Universidad Javeriana as an Assistant Professor, after spending three years and half at Harvard University’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society  as a postdoc fellow. Previously I finished a PhD in Media Studies at UT-Austin, and defended my dissertation on Latino/Hispanic immigrant youths digital media practices and assimilation into the U.S. I also completed an MSc in Comparative Media Studies at MIT  and majored with Literature and Political Science BAs from the Universidad de los Andes.

I study how young people use technology for learning, creating, and participating in culture/society/economy, and the environments, communities, and market places where they interact. I am particularly interested in researching digital inequalities, citizenship, ICT (data, platforms, AI) policy/governance, media ecosystems, and designing for learning, fun and engagement. I mix qualitative, quantitative and computational methods, and have ample experience doing ethnography, co-design, and action research.

I design media and learning experiences. The past 15 years I have collaborated in the design of educational materials for youth, teachers, and librarians, including games, videos, and learning playlists. These tools are open access and freely available on the Digital Citizenship Resource Platform, LRNG, the Project New Media Literacies and DigiMente. I also make sound, visual, text, and other kinds of media art. My artwork has been exhibited internationally in museums and galleries such as the International Symposium of Electronic Arts (ISEA) in Manizales, the Italo-Latin American Institute in Rome, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Art Gallery in Washington D.C, and the Humboldt Forum and Ethnological Museum in Berlin.

Besides being an assistant professor at Universidad Javeriana,  I am faculty associate at Harvard University’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, and a research associate with the Connected Learning Research Network, and the Centro ISUR. I am also part of Clubes de Ciencia Colombia, ScienteLab, a member of the Tierra Común network, Global Voices, and a regular contributor to the English and Spanish Wikipedias, the Wikicommons, and OpenStreetMap.

You can contact me via email at lombana[at]alum.mit.edu. I am open to discuss and collaborate in research and creative projects, and exchange ideas and gifts.


Sobre vVvA en Español

Andrés Lombana-Bermudez (aka vVvA) es un investigador, diseñador,  y educador que trabaja en la intersección entre jóvenes, tecnología, ciudadanía, y educación. Andrés recientemente se unió al departamento de comunicación de la Universidad Javeriana como profesor asistente. Anteriormente él terminó un PhD en Estudios de Medios de Comunicación en la Universidad de Texas-Austin y  fué postdoc fellow en el Centro Berkman Klein para la Internet y la Sociedad de la Universidad de Harvard.  Andrés también realizó una maestría en estudios comparados de medios en el Instituto Tecnológico de Massachusetts y estudió pregados de Literatura y Ciencia política en la Universidad de los Andes.

Además de ser profesor asistente en la Universidad Javeriana, Andrés es faculty associate en el Centro Berkman Klein para la Internet y la Sociedad de la Universidad de Harvard, e investigador asociado a la Red de Investigación de Aprendizaje Conectado,  y el Centro ISUR. El es también miembro de Clubes de Ciencia Colombia, ScienteLab, la red Tierra Común,   Global Voices, y regularmente contribuye a las Wikipedias en Español y en Inglés, los Wikicommons, y a OpenStreetMap.

Puedes contactar a vVvA  enviando un email a lombana[at]alum.mit.edu.



  1. Hi Editor,

    I’m David, a dad, husband, environmentalist and DIY enthusiast from Canada. I enjoy blogging from time to time and it makes me feel amazing when I inspire someone.

    In this day and age, families spend less quality time together than ever before, and this trend is constantly on the rise. This is no news. Also, we are facing a situation where children never have an opportunity to be in touch with nature. They are growing up in a world of technology, alienated from all the wonders of the Wild.

    I believe in the saying: Be the change you want to see in the world, so I have made a deal with my family to spend our weekends in nature. It has turned out to be wonderful.

    The reason I’m writing to you is – I’d love to contribute to your blog with a story. My plan is to write a small guide which would inspire others to do the same as we did, followed with some busting of the most common excuses.

    In case you’d like to see some of my previous stories, check out the following:

    What do you think, guys? Should we give it a go?

    Have a lovely day,

    1. Hi David,
      Thanks for your message. Yes, feel free to submit one of your stories about environmentalism and activities in nature. I have not had guest bloggers in this blog before but I am open to have your entry if it is positive, well written, and engaging. Best,

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