A Jar of Fireflies

After harvesting the Chihuahua dogs, Ada found herself in a room bathed with limelight that cast a warm glow over its decor. Cristal sculptures stood as silent guardians of memory next to the paintings that adorned the walls. Wooden furniture added a touch of natural warmth to the space. A large mirror reflected the room’s calmness, its polished surface amplifying the sense of spaciousness and tranquility.

Suddenly, a curious green-yellow lizard entered the room, sparking chaos as it chased the Chihuahuas around. Sculptures crashed, paintings toppled from the walls and star shaped lamps fell. The once orderly space transformed into chaos.

Despite Ada´s efforts, the elusive lizard defied capture, reveling in the mayhem it had created. Light dimmed and barely pierced the darkness, casting shadows in the room.

Ada stood frozen in shock, her mind struggling to grasp the nightmare unfolding before her eyes. But just as the madness threatened to consume her, Ada remembered an old trick her grandfather had taught her.

She reached for a jar of fireflies inside a wooden cabinet. With a quick flick of her wrist, she released the tiny glowing insects into the room.

The Chihuahua dogs stopped running and sat down next to her while the lizard mesmerized at the dance of tiny glowing lights. Then, in a swift darting motion the lizard snatched one firefly using its long tongue.

For a moment, the lizard moved with a sinuous grace following the reminding fireflies. Its yellow-green skin shimmered, changing hues and blending with the room’s decor. When it reached the front of the large mirror, it jumped towards it. The glass surface rippled like water, and in an instant, the lizard disappeared.

One by one, the fireflies floated gently back to the jar that Ada sustained with her both hands. As she closed the container, a soft, warm glow seeped into the room, illuminating the corners and banishing the gloom. The limelight returned, casting a gentle radiance over the space, bringing back the subtle highlights on the paintings, the delicate contours of the sculptures, and a sense of serenity to the Chihuahua dogs.

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