Think South: Reimagining the Internet

After several months in the works, the Think South fanzine, we have released the Think South fanzine and made it available on, as an open access publication. Members of the Emerging Digital Issues in the Global South (EDIGS) Working Group at the Berkman Klein Center collaborated in the production of this collection of essays, poems, drawings, infographs and other texts, addressing a common theme: “the future of the Internet.” Think South is a provocation to re-imagine the internet, an invitation to reflect critically on the meaning of data colonialism and technological sovereignty, a call to consider the ethical and human rights consequences of dataification and the development and implementation of artificial intelligence systems.

How can we imagine the future of the Internet and other digital technologies and systems in a way that takes into account the diversity of cultures, societies, and peoples? How could diverse cultural values influence the development of technologies?

Citation: Sabelo Mhlambi, Juan Freuler Ortiz, Paola Ricaurte, Hyunjin Seo, Titi Akinsanmi, Andres Lombana, Velislava Hillman and Nick Couldry (2019) Think South: Reimagining the Internet. EDIGS: Emerging Digital Issues from the Global South. Cambrdige, MA.

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