Radical Dream Markets

– Good morning Lara. I hope you got a good rest. Today is a busy day. Your first meeting starts at 8am. Exactly in one hour.

– Hi, yes, thanks for the reminder. I have a chain of meetings today.

– There is no rush. You have time. I have time.

– Yes, I know, you can ask me.

– What did you dream about last night?

– If I recall correctly this time, I was in a public park. I was waiting for a friend on a bench. People walked around. City doves gathered around the bench. Although I saw the silhoute of my friend approaching from far away, he never arrived. It was quite strange. It was also frustrating. I cannot remember why it took him so long to get to the bench where I was.

– Do you remember who was the people that walked around?

– No, I don´t.

– I think you might need to make a better effort. It is very important that you try to recognize the people that was in the park.

– I am trying but all their faces were irrecognizable. Nobody that I knew.

– Are you sure?

– Yes

– Ok. Let me seee. Your dream reports from the past two weeks are full of anonymous people. That is not how our system is supposed to work.

– I understand. I am also surprised about my difficulties for recognizing the people that appears in my dreams. But it is what I am dreaming. What can I do?

– The terms of service of Data Dreams are clear on how the dream report needs to be of the higher quality standards. It needs to have a minimum of verificable information. Details. Names. Unfortunately the quality of your dream reports has decreased to a point that they do not have any value for the system.

– I am really sorry. I have tried my best. The first week I used the system it worked fine. I rememberered my dreams as usual. Then, my dreams started to be as if they were not mine. Not only I am not being able to recognize the people that appears, but also most of the settings seem to be foggy, blurred, difficult to situate.

– Dreams of low quality, like the ones you are reporting are not useful for the system. Anonymous characters are of cero value in the dream market. We cannot include more of your anonymous characters in our database. They are already causing problems to our analytic engine.

– I thought the dream market was open to all kind of dreams, even nightmares as the bilboard ads said.

– Our system accept all kinds of dreams but their only requirement is their high quality. As it is explained in the section eleven of our terms of service dream quality is measured by the levels of personal, geografical, and contextual detail you provide. The more detail, the more quality, and the more value in the market.

– I have reported all what I remember. I am also exahusted.

Eva took a deep breath, walk out of her bedroom and went to the kitchen. Drinking a glass of water she look at a calendar attached to the refrigerator. She saw the marks and notes she had made during the past two weeks in each day. I cannot even remember clearly what I did during these days, she thought. She removed the Data Dream wristband from his left arm and put it on the sink. Then, it closed the strainer flange and opened the faucet. While the water was pouring she thought about the payments she had received. $100 dolars a day definitely help with my bills, but at what cost? And what happens if I do not dream anymore? what if I do not remember anything any more?

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