Embrace of the Serpent / El Abrazo de la Serpiente

The latest film of Ciro Guerra, El Abrazo de la Serpiente/Embrace of the Serpent, is a wonderful piece of cinematic art, full of mystery, beauty, and intimate conflict. Watching it is a powerful sensorial experience of immersion in the visual expressiveness of the Amazon jungle an in a complex layering of aural landscapes. We hear indigenous languages from Amazon tribes, European languages, the sound of rivers, bugs, and trees, as well as original music by composer Nascuy Linares and even European classical music (Handel). The film tells the story of a double journey of white scientists in the search of knowledge and a sacred psychedelic Yakruna plant. Guided by Karamakate, a shaman from an endagered tribe, they develop an intimate trip that takes them trough rivers, jungle paths, indigenous communities, and a religious mission.

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