Tools for Supporting Digital Citizenship and Digital Literacy

Digital citizenship and digital literacy are intrinsically related. Both concepts complement each other and are essential to understanding issues of social inclusion and equity in a rapidly changing digital world. In order to participate, learn, and navigate the networked communication environment we need to develop a particular set of skills and sociocultural practices related to privacy, safety, information quality, and creative expression. By gaining these abilities, we are able to not only take advantage of the opportunities for participation in the digital culture and economy, but also manage and minimize the new risks that emerge. An evolving collection of tools (videos, curriculum, guides, among others) for supporting the development of these skills is now available at the Digital Literacy Resource Platform, a website created at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society that is going live this week. dlrp-frontpage

During the past months I have been working on the design and development of this platform in collaboration with the Youth and Media, Student Privacy Initiative, and the Digital Literacy Toolkit teams at the Berkman Center, as well as with a group of external collaborators that includes MIT Scratch, New York Public Library, Press Pass TV, NuVu, the Engagement Game Lab, the Walnut Hill School, and iKeepSafe. We are really excited about the public launch of the DLRP  and are looking forward to hear the feedback from the diverse users who interact with the platform and try our expanding collection of tools. These users may be teachers, parents, school administrators, or youths. In the next months we will continue iterating on the design of the platform as well as creating new resources and tools. If you try the DLRP and the tools we would love to hear from you.



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