A Visit to the Fifth Dimension

After several months I run into the Fifth Dimension mobile again. This time, I couldn’t miss the chance of entering it and seeing on my own what was inside of a wandering and modified truck that functions as a bookstore of sci-fi books. Once inside I encountered a great selection of used and rare books sold at very good prices. The driver, a knowledgeable woman named Sukyi, told me the Fifth Dimension also traded books with its customers. “Everything is under 50% and we do also do book exchange,” she said.


I went through the shelves and had time to read several books of the cyberpunk and post-apocaliptic genres. After several minutes of browsing through the shelves, I decided to focus on the classic Sci-Fi shelve and found The End of Eternity, a novel by Asimov on time travel and social engineering I wanted to read some years ago. Finally I found it in perhaps the most appropriate place for thinking about the paradoxes of time traveling.

IMG_4496 1

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