Mail Recovery: Six Books Lost in US Postal System

The US postal system keeps surprising me. First, it was the two damaged XXL boxes that arrived to Cambridge ripped off and damaged two weeks I ago. More recently, it was the notification that another box I have sent as Media Mail had been destroyed and the contents of it were lost or in a mail recovery center in Atlanta, GA. The note arrived in a curious envelop with an absurd letter signed by the USPS office of Springfield, MA, a piece of the box where I wrote the addresses, and another ripped piece with the tracking number. The letter explained that my mail has been damaged and if I wanted to recover its contents I needed to file a claim with the help of my “closest” USPS office. IMG_4029 1

After 9 years of using the postal system in the U.S. without any problem, this year I have just started to learn about the glitches that it has. It has bugs and can fail. I am just learning that the postal system it is in fact so big and bureaucratic that there are perhaps more failures than the one a regular uses imagine or experience.  What surprises me the most is how little preparation the postal system has for dealing with this kind of situations.

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