Fire on the Danger Derby Track

The third annual Danger Derby was epic. Eighty pinewood cars with no-rules customized designs competed for the precious derby trophy and survived the world famous hazards of a 100-foot long track. An audience of more than 600 people got together at the parking lot of the Blue Genie Art Industries to scream, cheer, and watch perhaps the wildest event of the East Austin Studio Tour (EAST). This year, the event was scaled up and brought to the next level by spectators, participants, organizers, and sponsors who did an excellent job setting up not only new dangers, projections, and lighting, but also making sophisticated cars that could survive the extreme obstacles of the track. However, despite all the efforts, very few survived the fire pit and flame. Fire was on the track, on the cars, and on the torch.

Although other hazards such as a swinging anvil,

and a double sawing machine,

stopped many of the cars in their route to the finishing line, it was the fire hazard what destroyed most of the cars. Known as Dan’s Inferno, the fire pit, flames, and the torch administered by one of the most dangerous genies, became the most difficult obstacle of the race track.

Interestingly, despite the new car designs that included all kind of heavy vehicles with roller wheels, the winner of the night was car #66 a hybrid of a pinewood car, a riffle, and two cans of beer that classified to the finals after 3 races, and won the final race.

This car was fast and slick and avoided the fire and other hazards with confidence. The team who designed it celebrated by opening and drinking the 2 cans of beer that were part of the chassis.

The other winner was a duo team who designed a hot dog car which won the audience price.

All in all, the Danger Derby 2014 made history by its organization, attendance, and dangers. The event has become one of the best participatory exhibitions and attractions of E.A.S.T. and its different iterations have made it better. You can see more images of the Danger Derby 2014 in this photo gallery:

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