The Enchanted Woods from the Isla de La Corota

Laguna de la Cocha

One of the highest lakes in the Andes is located in the south of Colombia, in the region of Nariño, at 2820 meters over the sea level. The tribe of Quiyasingas who used to live in this area before the Spaniards arrived, called this lake La Cocha, which simply means the lake. La Isla de la Corota, a little island of 8 acres is located in the northern part of the lake and has been declared the smallest national park of Colombia. This place is astonishing and magical. The native humid forest that grows in the island is delicate and wild, plenty of flowers like orchids and bromelias that grow over tall trees.

Isla de la Cotora

From the port, the island looks like a turtle shell. The dense vegetation has created a sort of dome that keeps protected all the delicate vegetation that grows in the island.

Bosque Andino Humedo

All the flowers growing up attached to trees provide a beautiful texture to the landscape. Although the bromelias and orchids were not blooming at this time of the year, they still looked delicate and mysterious.

musgo y epifitas

The mosses that grew on the trees dressed all the trees with pale colors.

fractales y orquideas


When looking up, the canopy of  the forest looked like a complex labyrinth.


After exploring the little Island of La Corota, one of the friends from our group said that it looked like a forest from the dinosaurs’ era. I am not totally sure about that but definitely think the landscape and vegetation of this place is magical. I would not be surprise to find this location as the setting for fantastic and mythical stories.

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