remixing innovation

As part of my work with the Connected Learning Research Network,  I have researched creative entrepreneurship and innovation among youth in the city of Austin. From 2013 to 2015 I conducted ethnographic fieldwork following two communities/networks/hubs in Austin, Texas, which actively channeled the creative energies and flows of a city that keeps growing and attracting lots of youngsters from all over the U.S. As a result of the ethnographic research with the local hip hop scene of the Austin Mic Exchange and the indie game designers of the Juegos Rancheros collective, I created a growing list of innovation principles that could be useful for all of us interested in creativity, play, learning, inclusion, and youth-driven entrepreneurship in contemporary societies and economies. You can follow more updates on this research project at the Doing Innovation website.

Innovation principles:

1. Freedom
2. Experimentation
3. Play
4. Speak-out
5. Risk and failure
6. Interdisciplinarity/Multidisciplinary
7. Movement
8. Collaboration
9. Networking
10. Passion
11. Support
12. Remix
13. Distributive
14. Open
15. Community building
16. Theatricality
17. Hustle
18. Connected
19. Diversity
20. Incubation
21. Learning
22. Entrepreneurial mindset
23. Curiosity
24. Discovery
25. Inclusion
26. Resilience

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