What is a DJ?

History and Style

Tools and Techniques

Sampling and Ethics

Mashups and Remixes

Live Performance

Analog vs. Digital




Introducing the DJs and their art practices.





Brief history of DJ cultural practices, sound systems, and sytles.







Overview of the essentials tools for DJ-ing such as the mixer, cross-fader, software. Explanation of techniques: scratch, brakes, back and forth, rewarding, equalizing, tempo matching.






DJs define "sampling", and then share their thoughts about the effects of copyright law in the world of electronic music.





Mashups & Remixes ShareThis Embed Report DJ Culture: Mashups and Remixes.




Discussing the interaction of DJs and audiences during live performances.






Discussing the differences between vinyl analog records and digital music files.







Exploring DJ networking practices online and off-line.




Featuring DJ C, DJ Flack, DJ M. Singe, and DJ Spooky.