History of Animation

Computer Animation

Sound in Animation

The Making of "Fast Women"

Simulation and Abstract Animation

Flipbook: Internet Toy

Stereotypes in Animation


Why Animation?



Brief historical overview of the medium and its pioneeers.





Discussing computer-aided animation, and where it intersects with live action film, simulation, and even puppetry.






Discussing the special role that sound plays in animation.






Animator Gina Kamentsky share her creative process by describing the development of an animated promo for a tv series called "Fast Women".





Exploring the potential that computer simulation offers to the field of animation.





Creator of Flipbook!, describes this online tool as a creative game, and as a community.






Discussing the role of stereotypes in animation, their visual economy, and their cultural implications.






How the internet has exploded the distribution possibilities for animators.




What is unique about animation as a media form?